30 May. 19
Diverse forages

The Feeding Value of Herbal Leys

This field day at the Diverse Forages Project trial plots includes:

  • Results from grazing and digestion trials at University of Reading CEDAR – Dave Humphries & Chris Reynolds (UoR)
  • Resilient grasses, herbs and legumes for livestock systems in the South West – Hannah Jones (UoR and Duchy College)
  • A guide to identification of useful grasses – Deb Beaumont (Rothamsted Research)
  • Micronutrient deficiencies in cattle – Patrick McCotter (Animal Vets Ltd)
  • Management of herbal leys – participatory farmer discussion
  • Herbal Leys for the South West – Stephen Kettle (SW Seeds Ltd)
  • Toolbox of Multi-species Swards (Agri-tech Cornwall) – Deb Beaumont & Hannah Jones


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