Project Details

Graduate Talent at IVF Bioscience

Jake Silcock recently relocated from Kent to take up the position of Product Manager with leading Cornwall firm, IVF Bioscience. The Falmouth company is making great strides in the revolutionary field of animal in-vitro production (IVP).

It develops, manufactures and sells a range of ‘media’ (the complex formula in which embryos are briefly grown outside of the animal during the IVF process).

The opportunity represented a “dream job” for Jake, who was awarded a distinction in his MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics from the University of Kent.

The 24-year-old was drawn to IVF Bioscience, an ambitious “market disruptor” with customers around the world for its products for cattle, goat, sheep, camel, bison and buffalo.

His role is being supported by the Agri-tech Cornwall Project, whose work includes encouraging the creation of graduate-level employment, which it does in partnership with Unlocking Potential, an ERDF-funded body. They can offer a salary subsidy of up to £2,250, subsidised job advertising and professional mentoring from industry experts.

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