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The Farm Crap App Pro

The Farm Crap App Pro

The Farm Crap App Pro is a collaborative project between Duchy College and Rothamsted Research North Wyke to develop an easy to use, accurate and reliable way to manage and record slurry spreading information and data on manure.

Working with waste companies, contractors, equipment manufacturers and consultants the project will allow for the development not just of an app which allows farmers to complete whole field nutrient management plans using the latest data from RB209 but will also allow a simple way for farmers to share information with their advisors.

The project will also look at the use of decision support tools by the farming community and how engaging with technology brings opportunities for business efficiency and growth.

The finished app will include the ability to comply with Nitrate Vulnerable Zone regulations, as well as the new Farming for Water rules alongside the ability to truly integrate manure and slurry applications with bagged fertiliser to allow for environmental protection and economic benefits.

For more information about the project please contact Becky Willson on 01579 372376 or