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Press Brake


Technological advancement in machinery also plays a significant factor in Agri-tech; in a rapidly changing agricultural sector, machinery is crucial for the avoidance of production losses, and in the face of an ever increasing challenge in the availability of labour.

In economically challenging times there has been a dramatic downturn in the demand for farm machinery with reductions in turnover of up to 20%. Teagle, a Cornwall based agricultural machinery manufacturer, has faced these challenges head on, by maintaining high quality production and an commitment to product development which has been ongoing since the company’s establishment some 70 years ago.

The Agri-tech Cornwall Innovation Grant Project has been able to assist Teagle in their product development by part investing in R&D equipment to relieve the pressure of manufacturing prototypes on production equipment.

Currently, R&D parts have to wait for the availability of a hydraulic press to form them which causes delays and also significant interruption to production. This capital equipment is costly, but nonetheless demonstrates the commitment to the client base. The addition of this new equipment means that R&D parts can be made off-line, without causing production downtime and greatly reducing the lead-time of producing new prototype machines.

The grant is enabling Teagle to increase product market share, as well as engage with a broader spectrum of clientele locally and nationally by increasing the company’s ability to cater for wider needs.