11 Nov. 20

GROWING BACK: Connecting People to Local Food

Calling all food producers and processors, food service providers, retailers, and tourism / hospitality venues:

  • Are you passionate about local produce?
  • Do you want to build more efficient and robust food supply chains, and maximise the value of your local market?

Local Food Hubs could be an answer, providing economies of scale and access to facilities, services, and expertise that many small or early-stage ventures cannot afford.

This webinar will hear from two very different and successful businesses, which work closely with local supply chains, to explore their operations and the lessons they have learnt:

Discover, through insights and practical tips, what factors we need to consider and how different businesses could be involved.

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In the South West of England, agriculture and food production is the bedrock to our economy, and is strongly connected to tourism, retail and leisure - through the allure of the landscapes we manage, the quality of the food and drink we produce, and the places and activities to enjoy them.

During the pandemic, we experienced first-hand the inherent problem in large complex food supply chains.  We know, deep down, that local food is better for us and our environment.  In the South West it is something we are passionate about and proud of.  So, can we improve our local food systems to:

  • Balance supply and demand?
  • Become more resource efficient and climate-friendly?
  • Make associated businesses more profitable, resilient, and secure?
  • Ensure the supply of nutritious and healthy produce through the seasons to all that need it?

With audience participation – through polls and Q&A – we aim to discover if there are logical areas, types of produce, ready markets and the requirements to fulfil them.

Register Here for Connecting People to Local Food: 11 November, 10:00 to 11:30 am




Growing Back is a series of webinars focusing on a resilient and sustainable approach to agriculture and food in the South West of England.

Something that we can build on as a platform for change: economically, environmentally, and socially.  #GrowingBackSW

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